Art, one says, is the reign of appearance, the illusion.

However, I like to think that appearance is far from being something of inessential. With the risk that appearances are against me, I am convinced that they constitute essential moments of the petrol; they are the paddle of reality. This last existing only in measurement or it starts to appear… With the turning of a shade, a gleam, a reflection. It is there all the object of my photographic work: to give birth to with the turning from an appearance.

My course of itinerant, of one building site at dawn as press photographer initiated me with a particular and personal approach architecture.

For example between the concrete and me, was born a meeting, a sensory and sensual attraction.

My project is the result of fusion between architecture and photography.

It has as an ambition to connect the esthetics of forms different of contemporary architecture and my conceptual work.

My photographs thus create appearances. They seek to recreate a truth, that from my point of view. With each one of it I allot to them a name in correspondence with my history. In their abstract appearances, my images have as a intention making foresee a detail, a form, a contour which exceeds appearance, to extract from it, according to their context, a new significance of reality.


 My photography is digital. Pullings are not recadrés and respect scrupulously the framing of the catch of sight. The digital impression is carried out on paper chechmate Epson, to stimulate the direction of the touch and to bring more a great depth in let us tons black. The choice of large sizes stuck on Dibond (50/75 cm and 80/120 cm) supports of advantage the realism of the ima